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HRDOLL Sex Doll Ebony Beatrice 166cm


HRDOLL Sex Doll Ebony Beatrice 166cm Hi, My name is  Sex Doll Ebony Beatrice. Material: TPE with metal skeletonUsable parts:Vagina,Mouth,Anus Vagina/Anus/Mouth depth: 17cm/16cm/11cm(Height):166cm(The waist):53cm(Neck circumference):27cm(Hip):79cm(Inner arm long)56cm(Medial thigh length)80cm(Foot long):19cm(Thigh circumference):43cm(Bust):57cm(Shoulder...


Doll4Ever Black Love Doll Gilly 165cm


About Black Love Doll - Gilly Hello, I like to make love on R&B music. I love the rhythm to guide our lovemaking, which opens new perceptions. My favorite color...


Doll Forever Black Sex Doll Gilly 155cm


About Black Sex Doll - Gilly Hello, I love making love on R&B music. I like the rhythm to guide our love, which opens new perceptions. My favorite color is...


Doll Forever Ebony Sex Doll Selena 145 cm


About Ebony Sex Doll - Selena  I like bright colors, I like to party and have sex right after in different positions believe me I’m very flexible… My name is Forever...


Ebony Sex Doll - Buyer's Guide

Black sex dolls have been around for hundreds of years. The first ones were made of old clothes and used by Spanish and French sailors during long voyages. Today, they are more sophisticated and lifelike. They are made of materials like TPE and Silicone. These dolls are often fully customizable so that you can get an ebony sex doll that suits your tastes and preferences perfectly.


What is the difference between black silicone sex dolls and TPE?

TPE is a type of silicone that you can stretch up to 5.5 times longer. It is soft and is safe for human use. The TPE sex doll skin feels smooth and has a purely natural gloss effect. Silicon is a colorless oily liquid that gains elasticity after vulcanization. Silicon has thermostability, high mechanical strength, and softness. Most black silicone sex dolls can cater for anal, oral, and virginal sex. The African sex dolls are made with a metal skeleton that ensures they can hold any posture quite easily.


Will a realistic black sex doll improve my sex life?

Realistic black sex dolls offer an excellent opportunity for practice before being with women. Women prefer men who are good in bed, and preparation will help you achieve that. You can gain skills and techniques if you regularly have sex with your female ebony or black male sex doll. Your black blow up doll will ensure that you can get hard, put on a condom, along with control and prolong ejaculation.


How do I have sex with my black love doll?

It is easy to have sex with your black love dolls. They are similar to masturbators that you have used before or seen online. The difference is that our sex dolls look like real women with simulated anus, mouth, and vagina so, you can have sex with them. Ensure that you use a lot of lubrication when having sex with your sex dolls. If you want to have an easy time cleaning her, use a condom during sex.


How strong are my African sex doll's joints?

The African sex dolls have a skeleton made of stable metal and therefore have strong joints. Your sex doll can, therefore, get into a variety of sex positions for your enjoyment. That noted, make sure that the sex positions you choose are not too difficult. New dolls' joints can sometimes creak because they are tighter. They will loosen as you use her often. Avoid leaving her in certain sexual positions for a long time as that might flatten her boobs or butt.


How do I store my sex doll ebony?

After cleaning your sex doll ebony, ensure that you air dry her and store her in a crate under your bed. Do not dress your black blow up doll before storage, although sex dolls with big breasts require a bra before storage. You can also hang your black sex doll in the closet to avoid putting unnecessary stress on her skeleton.


Can I use cosmetics on my real doll black?

If you want to change your doll's look, you can do so using powder cosmetics. Liquid cosmetics are harder to clean off. Ensure that you use high-quality products to avoid damaging your real doll black's skin. You can clean off the cosmetics using warm soapy water or makeup remover. Avoid getting water in the doll's eyelashes when washing her face.


Tips for Buying A Black Sex Doll For Women & Men

Here are essential tips to bear in mind when buying a black sex doll for women & men.


  • Cost

Make sure that you think about the amount of money you are planning to spend. There are a variety of options in the market today, and they vary in price. Take your time and go through the store catalog and find a female ebony or black male sex doll in your price range. Customizations will cost more money but will ensure that you have a more authentic experience.


  • Design

Dolls are created in a variety of designs. Some have large breasts or eyes and tiny waists. Others have large boobs and butts, and you can choose one that appeals to you the most. Picking a doll of the right design will ensure that you enjoy using it for many years.


  • Easy Maintenance and Care

Pick a doll that will be easy for you to take care of and clean. Ensure that you have space to store the sex doll. If you do not have storage space for a full-size black sex doll, you can buy a smaller one.

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