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YL Doll Long Nipple Sex Doll Sonya 157cm

$ 1,949

About Long Nipple Sex Doll Sonya Let Sonya 157cm show you what wild and naughty fun looks and feels like. With a tanned body, long blonde hair, pretty green eyes, and...


YL Doll Nipple Penetration Sex Doll Aisha 160cm

$ 2,149$ 1,999

About Nipple Penetration Sex Doll Aisha Aisha is an absolute dream come true! With huge tits and curves that would knock any man off his feet, not to mention her bright...


Anthro Lola Bunny Sex Doll Furry 160cm

$ 1,699$ 1,599

About Anthro Lola Bunny Sex Doll Furry 160cm Deep winding tunnels as far as your eyes can see, yet you can’t help but not give up, as you crawl through the...


SEDOLL Dark Elf Sex Doll Elsa 150cm

$ 2,149

About Dark Elf Sex Doll  - Elsa  Let your imagination run wild with SEDOLL's Dark Elf Sex Doll Elsa 150cm! With her elf ears, big labia, greyish-blue hair, dreamy eyes, and...


SEDOLL Xmas Sex Doll Elf Charlot 167cm

$ 2,399

Abouit Xmas Sex Doll Elf - Charlot Treat yourself this holiday season to the SEDOLL Xmas Sex Doll Elf Charlot 167cm! She's got all the features you need to help bring...


SEDOLL Plastic Real Doll MILF Vanessa 167cm

$ 2,399

About Plastic Real Doll MILF - Vanessa  Introducing Vanessa, the sultry MILF you've always wanted! She's got a super athletic body, sassy blue bob, and natural small boobs for days....


SEDOLL MILF Sex Doll Sexy Sophia 167cm

$ 2,399

About MILF Sex Doll Sexy Sophia Seduce the nights with Sexy Sophia, the MILF sex doll that's all the rage! Her fit body, natural small boobs, abs, and perfectly shaped ass...


SEDOLL GILF Sex Doll Life Size Wynne 167cm

$ 2,399

About GILF Sex Doll Life Size - Wynne Bring your wildest fantasies to life with SEDOLL GILF Sex Doll Life Size Wynne 167cm! Have some naughty fun with the ultra-trained greyish-haired,...


SEDOLL Adult Sex Doll MILF Bianca 167cm

$ 2,399

About Adult Sex Doll MILF - Bianca Let MILF Bianca 167cm from SEDOLL take care of all your needs -- 'cause you know she's not gonna let you down! With her...


SEDOLL Japan Real Doll Sexy Reiko 161cm

$ 2,399

About Japan Real Doll Sexy - Reiko Meet Reiko, a 161cm SEDOLL Japan Real Doll! With a brown bob, milky skin, beautiful Japanese features, and a petite, feminine figure, she's...


SEDOLL Small Japanese Sex Doll Mika 151cm

$ 2,299

About Small Japanese Sex Doll - Mika Discover your perfect pleasure partner with the SEDOLL Small Japanese Sex Doll Mika 151cm! This petite beauty comes complete with long dark hair, bangs,...


SEDOLL Japanese Love Doll Sexy Junko 158cm

$ 2,299

Japanese Love Doll Sexy - Junko  Treat yourself to the ultimate companion - SEDOLL Japanese Love Doll Sexy Junko 158cm! This stunningly lifelike doll is ready to love you in...


SEDOLL Japanese Silicon Doll Mariko 160cm

$ 3,349

About Japanese Silicon Doll - Mariko  Introducing Mariko, the supermodel-worthy doll! She's straight out of a magazine - with her stunning curves, ultra-pale skin, and brown wig, she'll have you in...


SEDOLL Japanese Silicon Sex Doll Pearl 160cm

$ 3,349

About Japanese Silicon Sex Doll - Pearl Introducing Pearl: your sexy, 160cm companion! With an innocent look and brown hair, she's the perfect plaything for those who want to take pleasure...


SEDOLL Hentai Love Doll Japanese Hirono 166cm

$ 2,399

About Hentai Love Doll Japanese - Hirono  Meet Hirono, the hentai-inspired 166cm love doll that's ready to bring your anime fantasies to life! Her sweet face and small, perfectly-fitting tits mean...


SEDOLL Fantasy Love Doll Elf Amanda 150cm

$ 2,149

About Fantasy Love Doll Elf - Amanda Let the magical beauty of Elf Amanda cast a spell on you! With her luscious long grey hair, elf ears, and stunning ocean blue...


SEDOLL Fantasy Sex Doll Demon Samantha 150cm

$ 2,299$ 2,099

About SEDOLL Fantasy Sex Doll Demon - Samantha  Welcome the scandalous and seductive Demon Samantha into your realm! This tantalizing SEDOLL Fantasy Sex Doll stands 150cm and comes with horns,...


SEDOLL Final Fantasy Sex Doll Kiko 151cm

$ 2,299

About Final Fantasy Sex Doll - Kiko Live out your wildest fantasies with Kiko, the 151cm Final Fantasy Sex Doll! Realistic brown hair and a seductive appearance will make your heart...


About Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are one of the most sought-after male toys. Love doll with lush breasts and beautiful faces easily competes with realistic masturbators, because a real doll has a lot of advantages. To mimic your favorite poses and great tactile sensations, realistic sex dolls with a built-in skeleton are usually chosen - this is an expensive but effective option. For those who do not want to spend a lot of money on such a pleasure, there are inflatable dolls - a toy that combines simplicity, budget, and satisfaction in bed.



What are sex dolls made of?

Today, the most popular materials for realistic sex dolls are medical silicone and TPE (cyber skin). Economy options are made from polyurethane foam, latex, PVC, foam rubber, etc.

What poses can the doll take?

Thanks to a solid base and hinged joints, the artificial partner easily follows natural human movements. Do not get carried away and turn her into a gymnast: strong stress is fraught with damage to the frame and material.

What shouldn't be done with a doll?

TPE models do not tolerate heat and washing in hot water (the material may deform). Avoid contact with sharp objects, ladies with long nails are advised to be careful not to scratch the doll. Dyed underwear and overly tight clothing are also undesirable.

Can I take a bath with a doll?

Yes, but make sure that water does not get inside through the neck: this will rust the skeleton and multiply the mold. The model with heating and/or electronic "filling" is not recommended for bathing - wipe it with a damp sponge. The TPE product cannot be washed in hot water.

What kind of lubricant to buy?

In order not to spoil the material, choose a water-based lubricant.

Can I get my doll pierced or tattooed?

Yes. You can pierce any part of your silicone sex doll (ears, navel, nipples, genitals, etc.). Use jewelry with a straight stem - it is easier to change than curved ones. Temporary tattoos are popular today and you can find them in specialized stores.

What to look for when choosing a sex doll

With the advent of quality products, the range of realistic sex dolls has grown significantly. Now each client can choose a doll according to his taste and wallet, but it has become more difficult to navigate in such a variety. Before paying a not small amount for a new mistress, we advise you to go through a few key points.


The most valuable thing in a doll is the material from which it is made, so miniature versions will cost less than models of human height (more expensive raw materials are used to create the latter). The same applies to individual parts of the body: if you are a fan of the big shapes, get ready to pay extra for the pleasure.


Today, medical silicone or TPE is mainly used for the production of these dolls. Each has both advantages and disadvantages. Silicone models are more durable, withstand elevated temperatures (for example, with a built-in heating system), and are easier to care for. TPE surpasses the “competitor” in its realistic properties: it is very soft and elastic at the same time, like real skin.

Height & Weight

Before buying, ask yourself: Do you have enough room for a full-length model, or is it better to limit yourself to a mini-doll? Where will you store and will you be able to freely move the oversized product? Based on the answers, narrow your search to products of suitable size:

  1. Small (up to 120 cm) and very tiny (65-100 cm): lightweight, compact, but some have limited functionality (only the vaginal opening).
  2. Medium size (130 to 150 cm): easy to store and transport.
  3. Large (over 160 cm): They weigh like real women, so the sensations with them are as realistic as possible.

Shape type

The sex doll should evoke desire, so be guided only by your own preferences. Think carefully about your preferences in advance. So that you do not have to throw away your recently purchased doll, due to the fact that you have lost your sex drive.

Face's type

Today you can easily find sex dolls for men with European features, sophisticated Asian features, sex robots and even erotic anime sex dolls. Especially since you can always order a replacement head, eyes and wigs for your partner if the old ones are bored.

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